Sunlight Centre

The Sunlight Centre has become rooted in the lives of thousands of Medway residents, as a hub for greater opportunities and collective efforts for positive change.

Formerly the Gillingham Electric Laundry, serving the docks, the Sunlight Centre forms an important part of the local history and community in North Gillingham. The building gained an architectural award when developed into a multi-functional community centre and part of the building retains original features. 

The Centre is managed by the Sunlight Development Trust and contains an extensive range of quality facilities, equipment and flexible meeting spaces.

The centre came into existence in 2002 through local demand for a multi-use community centre with a comprehensive range of services.  This list of services continues to evolve and expand. There are a range of organisations sharing the building. Members of the community run events and activities in the various spaces for hire.


The range of weekly activities at Sunlight includes:

  • Internet and computer access
  • One Stop Shop 
  • Yoga
  • Tai-chi
  • AA meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Chinese Elderly Association
  •  Medway African and Caribbean Association meetings
  • Community garden maintenance and development
  • Jam sessions in the recording studio
  • Smoking cessation help
  • Recovery Anonymous meetings (is this covered in "support groups?)
  • Health guidance
  • Legal advice
  •  Tribal Banshees - Belly dancing group alternate Saturdays
  • Nursery
  • Self advocacy for people with a learning disability
  • Friendship and support groups.


Activities at the Sunlight Centre

Contact us to see if there is an activity of interest running at the Sunlight Centre. 

The list of activities changes every week, however for a list of regular activities Click here. Sunlight Development Trust run frequent meetings, activities and events at the Sunlight Centre. Most activities however, are run by external organisations and community groups. Some are open to all and others may be joined through a referal. 

To book space to run a meeting, event or activity call us on 01634 338600