Free sessions – Motivated by a supportive team

Believe – Achieve – Succeed

For men aged 18 – 25 who self-identify with an ethnic minority, who live in Medway and are not in full time work.

The activities fuse ancient martial art knowledge, a modern approach to psycho-cybernetics and podcasting production skills.

Retune mind and body with Tai Chi

Tai Chi is sometimes called “shadow boxing” or “meditation in motion” combines aligned movement with controlled breathing and meditation.

• Builds muscle strength, superior balance control and physical endurance

• Helps you maintain resilience and confidence

• Improves brain function and concentration

• Boosts your immune system

• Improves heart health.

The power of psycho-cybernetics

• Develop practical techniques for achieving personal transformation

• Tap into your innate potential for success.

Share your stories

• Resources and skills available from radio presenters and audio engineers

• Your posts and podcasts can make a difference.

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