Sunlight Development Trust

Sunlight Development Trust is a community owned and led charity which exists to improve the general mental and physical health and wellbeing of the Medway community.

We believe that skills, resources and meaningful experiences exist within communities.​ We strip away labels that stigmatise, challenge stereotypes, and break down barriers. We help people identify their needs and aspirations, exert influence on the decisions which affect their lives​ and improve their mental health.

The Trust is based at Sunlight Centre in Gillingham – one of the early Healthy Living Centres – where health services and community activities are located alongside each other. As well as a GP practice, Family Centre and pharmacy, you  will find recording and rehearsal studios, community radio station and rooms for hire ranging from meeting and therapy rooms of all sizes to a hall with capacity for up to 100 guests. What’s more, our community café is open again!