The Sunlight Development Trust is an independent voluntary organisation based in Medway. We work alongside communities to create positive, sustainable change. Our work is guided by important principles.


Ensuring anyone who wants to, can participate. This means being aware and considerate of the emotional, cultural and physical barriers that some people experience and actively setting about dismantling those barriers.


Recognising that difference is a positive thing and that diversity does not just mean ethinicity, gender, age or disability.


Building trust with our partners and those who use our services is essential for even greater results. We do our utmost to do what have said we will do and within the timetable agreed.


Being honest and open about our strengths and our weaknesses, our policies, our culture and our direction.

Valuing services

Everyone that accesses Sunlight services should be made to feel welcome and valued. Nobody should be treated unfairly. We can all expect the same courtesy, dignity, respect and high standard of customer service.

Community owned

Over 50% of the Sunlight board of trustees is made up of local people ensuring the Sunlight Development Trust retains its focus on benefiting those communities with the greatest disadvantage or need.

Active participation

Services work best when they are delivered and owned by the people who use them. We “do with” rather than “do to”. That’s why 70% of our staff live locally and why we continue to attract over 100 volunteers from the community-many of whom deliver innovative services, with only limited support from the trust.

Community development

We continually try to work to the National Occupational Standards of Community Development – an evidence based process that delivers high quality outcomes and unprecedented new opportunities for anyone who chooses to participate, whatever one’s individual ability or talent.


An enterprising culture can help create opportunities that are both sustainable and innovative. We advocate for social enterprise.

Care for the environment

Build awareness and action to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Promote conservation of wildlife. Take steps to reduce pollution, especially CO2.