Domestic Abuse Commission Questionnaire

Domestic Abuse Commission Questionnaire

Have you experienced domestic abuse, live in England and Wales, and used support services or thought about getting support in the past three years? If so, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner wants to hear from you about your experiences, as part of her national mapping work.

The survey takes 15 – 25 minutes and will be open until 31st January 2021. It’s completely anonymous and will not ask you about your experiences of abuse, but about what help you wanted to receive and how easy or difficult it was to get this help. Information is available in the survey on how to cover your tracks online, and you might want to think about where you can access the survey privately and safely. You can take the survey by following this link:

Please remember help and support is available – call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline run by Refuge on 0808
2000 247 or find other resources at

2 responses to “Domestic Abuse Commission Questionnaire”

  1. NOEL says:


    Tried to contact via site. But unsuccessful, so will try here.

    Are you looking for any office-based volunteers, for a few hours per week, I wonder.

    Await reply

    • Phil Sissons says:

      Hi, thanks for your message, best thing to do is call 01634 581511 and ask for Tracey Errington (Services Manager) or Gina Carpenter (Volunteer Coordinator). Thanks for thinking of us!

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